Getting Started!

The only things I hate more than goodbyes are long-winded explanations and introductions that use more words than I think necessary. As such, I’ll keep this first post as congruent with me as possible: short; to the point; and amusing.

What’s This Blog About?

  1. Chronicling my journey of improving my abilities as an entertainer and storyteller.
  2. Making and spending money wisely as an artist in South Africa.
  3.  Entertaining, inspiring and/or informing you.
  4. Showing off a bit.


Who Am I?

The name on my birth certificate is Olerato Daniel Molefe. I’ve been called ‘Ole’ since the 5th grade (I don’t really care what you call me, as long as you call me), but I like to think of myself as a legend in the making, Africa’s biggest export. My IQ is probably only slightly above average, but I’m still determined to push myself beyond my limits to become to literature what Leonardo Davinci was to art.


Where Am I Planning On Taking This Blog?

Truth be told, I’m not completely sure. If this blog helps me put out enough interesting content to help me attract interesting work opportunities, I’ll be more than happy. Mostly, this is meant to be a place where I get to share interesting stories on my terms and perhaps get some interesting conversations going while I’m at it. IT’s also a way to keep myself accountable. If haven’t made any truly significant strides towards putting myself or my works on stage/ screen


How Do I On Going About Doing All This?

That’s the interesting thing. I have an idea of where I want to end up but the road is unclear. As is my nature I’ll start by comparing myself to some of my favourite artists in history and see how I can reverse engineer their processes to get me to where I wanna be, which means I have a lot of books ahead of me. I’ll share what I learn along the way and show my progress as I go along on my blog and other social media.  It should be fun.

Just to assure you that I haven’t been a hidden genius all this time, I’ll share some of my older works as I go along in order to help establish somewhat of a “skills baseline” so we can see where I started; how far I’ve come; and where I’m going.


Why Should You Read My Blog?

Cause I offer GMO free entertainment, damn I Don’t Know! I could probably give you more reasons not to read this blog than I could to read it. I can’t tell you how nerve wracking the creation of this blog has been for me. All I know is that I’ve been accused of many things in my life (most of them lies…probably) but the one thing I’ve never been accused of is being boring.

Maybe you’re a struggling young artist like myself; maybe you’ve already made it in the entertainment industry (notice me, senpai!); maybe you some old person looking for another reason to hate millennials; or even more unlikely, maybe you’re just some teenager looking to kill some time while on your way to school. I can’t guarantee that my blog is gonna be for everyone. All I can really do is be authentic. As Lauren Hill said, “the real you is more interesting than the fake somebody else”. Just strap in and read on cause if nothing else, it will be interesting.

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