The Truth About My Brother – Part 2 (09/2014)

[I start changing for the “audition”- take off t-shirt, pants and jacket]

I was like,

“What, singing, dancing and acting, all in one course? Ha ha, three birds with one stone now!” So I put everything I’d need in a bag and went to go audition as soon as the dates were released.

[Front and centre- white spot light appears (snap) above my head as the previous one snaps off]

Ole: so I’m at the audition and everything has been going fairly well. Okay, the singing part didn’t go exactly according to plan, [imitate part of the audition song] ~ but I got through it and- to me- that’s all I needed hey! I was on my way up. Nothing could stop me now.

It was almost the end of the audition now and all I had to do was get through the final stage of the audition. This was the probably the part of the audition I was the most confident going into, the interview. This would allow me to make up for my dodgy singing audition. I couldn’t fail. I had my ‘Million Dollar’ smile locked and loaded; I’d spent a few months in my high school’s public speaking club; plus I was super charming. I was ready for whatever. When I got there, I found that the interview would actually a lot simpler than I’d expected. The two ladies interviewing me kept asking me these easy questions. They were asking questions like:

[Orange follow-spot snaps to life down-stage, stage left where Tara Stretch and Debora Gush are standing with pens and paper to take notes of the interview (spot light above my head turns yellow)]

Debra: can you tell us what you plan on doing once you leave here?

Ole: yes I ca-

Tara: would you say you work well under pressure?

Ole: of course I ca-

Debra: can you tell us why you want to become a performer?

Ole: oh I can definitely do that. All the while, the up-tempo song I was meant to sing as the second part of my singing audition keeps playing at the back of my mind.

[Whole stage turns a dark blue [white floor light and over head lights- dark blue cyclorama and side ducks]

Song: ‘I Can Do That’ – from ‘A Chorusline’ (With tap chory)

[Lights return to white and orange]

Tara: Alright then.

Debra: thank you very much Ole.

Tara: we’ll let you know if you’ve made it as soon as we’ve gone through all the results.

Debra: do you have any questions?

Ole: well I-

Debra and Tara: that’s great.

[The light above their heads starts to fade out in five seconds]

Debra: enjoy the rest of your day Ole.

Tara: please call in number 70 as you leave.

Ole: okay, cheers. Thank you.

[Ladies leave in the dark]

[Light above my head fades back to white- one second]

Ole: okay, I guess that example doesn’t exactly prove case. But that that’s not all he’s done though! Sometimes, he’s blindsided me just by doing nothing. That may not sound like a bad thing. But,  yhen again, you’d be surprised at what can come from nothing.

[Box men immediately entre from the second wing- while making a noise and clicking their fingers and being ghetto (from opposite sides of the stage) – each wearing plain black clothing and carrying a black box on their backs]

[Lights turn to blues and purples]

Box Man 1: no we don’t.

Box Man 2: so don’t you tell us Ole.

Box Man 1: what can be formed from nothing?

[They place the boxes on centre stage and sit on the front corners of the their own box, facing the corner of the theatre]

Was the universe not formed from the Lord’s incessant banging?

Nothing is the ore from which a legacy is made;

And the darkness into which entire nations tend to fade.

When it becomes a verb, that’s when innocent blood is shed;

for nothing is the food on which too many mouths are fed.

And the voice you’re bound to hear when you are talking to the dead.

Nothing is what happens when a fool begins to speak,

but then can change the world when he starts speaking with his feet.

From nothing I have come and it’s where I’ll return again;

Thus, nothing I shall say, lest death, still on my tongue remains.

[Lights return to white]

Ole: sorry about that. Sometimes I slip into my own world… so how far was I in the story? Ah yes, now I remember.

Ona: Ole, you’re late! Come, it’s time for your singing slot!

[She pulls me by the hand and drags me to her “class”- stage right, about two meters away from the second wing- as red follow spot appears to represent her class room]

[She sits on my bag as if at a piano]

Ona: let’s start with some breathing exercises, to warm you up.

Ole: before we get to that.

[I stop the scene before she can start/ cue white follow spot]

Ole: did I mention that I hate singing in front of people? Especially singing lectures, I get all tense and it becomes difficult to produce sound properly. You’ll see what I mean.

[Imitate singing slot (repeat mannerism)]

Ona: okay. You should be nice and warm now. Let’s try a song I chose for you.

Song: Fly Me to the Moon – Frank Sinatra

[Song stops half way]

Ole: she liked the song so much, in fact, that she decided that I should perform it in a performance class that Friday.

[Song continues]

[White follow-spot snaps to life]

Ole: she added a bloody scat section. Where she heard me scat, I don’t know.

[Comment’s that the teacher makes are written in the sheet music (please see sheet music)]

[While singing, I make my way to front and centre; follow- spot still on me

[Song ends and Ona steps into the light- which turned pink (over three seconds) after the song ended- and awkwardly congratulates me]

Ona: Ole! You did so well, man. I’m happy for you.

Ole: thank you.

[Ole turns around to see Staci waiting for him]

3 thoughts on “The Truth About My Brother – Part 2 (09/2014)

  • September 15, 2017 at 6:57 pm

    This post includes another poem I wrote back in 2010. The show was running a bit long, so i wound up cutting out the poem section with the 2 gents with the boxes out of the final show. It’s a bit of a shame. I would’ve liked seeing what it would’ve looked like on stage.

    • September 27, 2017 at 10:09 pm

      I’m glad you feel that way. Thank you. Next post comes out this Friday. I hope you enjoy.


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