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Boo 2! A Madea Halloween

I love Tyler Perry as an artist and a businessman, so writing this review is…hard. I suddenly find myself hoping that my blog never gets big enough for him to ever read this post, but if he does I hope he’s forgiving enough a man to let me work with him someday anyway. So here goes…

Boo! 2 is a movie about an over protective father whose strained relationship with his growing teenage daughter is only made worse by her permissive mother and step father until the night of her 18th birthday when his protective ways seem wanted and desperately needed at an underground frat party thrown by a lake where people were killed years before. Straight forward premise right? Wrong! This is probably gonna be one of the most painful reviews I’ll have to do in a while…kill me now.

As you may or may not have guessed, this is another Tyler Perry production. He did everything but the music, and it shows. The main Characters are Tyler Perry (as nearly half the cast) and Diamond White (Tiffany).

So let’s start with the writing. Oh God! The writing! It’s not a new thing for writers to neatly pull together dramatic and comedic elements in the middle of a horror movie or thriller movie. I’d like to think that Jordan Peele does this quite well in his movie ‘Get Out’. This movie however, seems to struggle with whether it’s a horror movie masquerading as a comedy or a comedy masquerading as a horror. It’s like watching a highly excitable baby trying to eat porridge, messy. Logically the film was meant to be a Tyler Perry comedy, but it often felt like it was trying really hard to trick us into thinking it may be a Wayans Spoof or the worlds first Tyler Perry horror film. There was no third act and so little effort was put into the twist that my it hurt my soul. My actual SOUL!  From every which angle the script is a proper mess and the many moments of rather obvious improve don’t help much.

The direction is just sad. I said it, it’s sad. The film tried to shoehorn a lot of improv humour into many of it’s scenes with the elderly characters which, granted it has worked in many of his past projects, but the improv scenes were NOT coming together in this one. The actors didn’t quite have the right chemistry on camera. The the bad dubbing of the swear words were just annoying. It literally made me a little depressed every time it happened. It was done REALLY badly. The murder scenes were also poorly done. I’ve seen death scenes handles more tastefully on YouTube videos made by teenagers. It often felt like the movie was just being made up as it went along.

The acting was…there was acting in the film. [Sidenote: Diamond White was looking pretty good all grown up in this film]

All-in-all the film was visually offensive and aurally boring. I may have actually lost some IQ points while watching that movie. Mr Perry terribly needs to consider getting a someone to doctor his scripts for him and co-direct cause the old boy seems to really put his foot in it sometimes. If you’re planning on watching this abortion of a film, then I recommend you do it drunk…Really drunk.

I give this movie a solid 3/10 [goes off to burn his letters to Tyler Perry asking him to take him under his wing]

2 thoughts on “Boo 2

  • November 16, 2017 at 11:52 am

    You may have lost some IQ haha! Let’s pray Tyler Perry does see this review before he directs another Madea movie.

    • November 21, 2017 at 9:33 am

      Only if he’s still willing to work with me someday


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