Justice League

Justice League

Justice League is a film about Batman and Wonderwoman who decide to come together to find and lead a team of heroes in order to stop a new evil that has come in the form of Steppenwolf to destroy the world. The film was directed by Zach Snider and the screen play done by Josh Whedon and Chris Terrio. Some of the main characters are played by Ben Affleck (Batman), Gal Gaddot (Wonderwoman), Jason Mamoa (Aquaman), Ezra Miller (The Flash), and Ray Fisher (Cyborg).

I feel like we’ve all heard enough about Snyder’s directing so let us jump right into how the film looked. It actually looked pretty good, action scenes and all, despite the odd problem with CGI moments…mostly where Cyborg is involved. A lot of work was put into making Cyborg look as realistic as possible without too many obvious CGI moments and for the most part, they succeeded. They made the odd slip here and there, usually during fight scenes, where he was obviously CGI, but he was rather believable most of the time. The Flash’s costume bothered me more than anything else in the film aesthetically and I wouldn’t be surprised if other reviewers mentioned it. Even though he’s fairly new to the superhero game that still doesn’t erase the fact that he’s supposed to have a genius level intellect yet his suit doesn’t seem as smooth and aerodynamic as you’d expect from someone who often has to travel at the speeds that he does. Otherwise the film generally looked good from the scenery; to the costumes; to the fight scenes.

I can honestly say that what this film made up for aesthetically, it seemed to fall pretty flat on in the writing department. It often felt like there was meant to be more happening or being revealed in some scenes but it was just cut out, probably to try and keep the film under two hours running time. Some characters often felt more like plot devices than anything else, like the flash. We didn’t get much from him as a character, but it was obvious (even from the movie trailer) that he was supposed to be the comic relief. Aquaman was so underdeveloped as a character that we only ever saw one room of his home city of Atlantis, which is pretty much a metaphor for his character throughout the film, likable enough but pretty unknowable. There were other issues with the script I’d love to go into, like tone and pacing, but I’ll hold off on those for now and just say that the writers should’ve been given the time they needed to write a script that would let their skills really shine as they came close to doing in some moments of the film.

The film just felt squashed into a pretty unrealistic time frame in terms of production time and run time. There was a lot that the film felt like it was just missing but there are some good things to say about the film. The action sequences were fun, over the top, and well done as one would expect from a film of this kind – one of my favourites being when the league came together to fight Steppenwolf for the first time. I enjoyed every bar of the score from the opening scene of the movie. Much love and respect to Danny Elfman and Junkie XL. The work they put into the music of this film really paid off and brought certain scenes together really well. The film and it’s team all showed a lot of potential and I think this might be a hopeful sign that DC is slowly starting to find themselves heading in the right direction with their movie universe.

I enjoyed this movie more as a movie fan than as a fan of the comics or the cartoons. There was a lot going on with this film both good and bad which made it impossible to keep this post between 500-600 words. All I can say is that the film was fun and if you’re looking for a good distraction on some lazy Friday night, this may just be the film for you. I give this one a 5/10.

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