The Way of the Superior Man – David Deida Review

Okay, so let’s jump right in. This generation of males (aka millennials – I hate that term) has been failed by the previous generation in terms of preparing them for manhood. David Deida attempts to write a book that aims at feeding these men some information that should give them the tools to help them help themselves (I’ve low-key always wanted to say that) in the areas of spirituality, sex, relationships and career goals/moves. Is this book just another guy’s attempt at trying to capitalise on the fast growing self-help industry aimed directly at the growing demographic of repressed and depressed young men, or does it actually try and help out a generation of males (myself included) that seems to be headed for disaster?

Well my initial thoughts/feelings after reading the book were of pleasant surprise to say the least. It was originally suggested to me by a friend of mine who I spend most of my time with discussing money, manhood and life in general. I was conflicted at first since the writer blends his own spiritual beliefs into it and makes some pretty generalising statements without any proof or back up from any scientific authorities at all. I toughed it out and I feel I am definitely better off for it.

As I stated in the beginning I’m not the most spiritual person, so the lack of scientific anything in this book was a bit of a problem for me, but not as much as the style of writing. The main concepts in this book can probably be written and adequately explained in two to four pages, so the endlessly waxing lyrical about what often seemed like common sense kinda bugged me. The second half of most chapters often felt more like prose than anything else. The first ten to twenty lines of each chapter were usually more than enough to explain the concepts in the rest of the chapter regardless of how complex they may come across. It often felt unnecessary to keep going on after that point, but the man felt it right to keep writing. That was probably my biggest gripe with the book. I consider the rest so small they’re not worth mentioning.

The book overall was really full of thought provoking insights that had me trapped in my own thoughts for most of the week. Even though the book is a pretty easy read asĀ  far language goes a lot of it required some introspection before moving on to other chapters. From top to bottom it had all kinds of revelatory insight into most men’s problems with relationships, career choices, spirituality etc. Most chapters flowed into each other with a fluid effortlessness and the fact that they were so short while provoking such deep self reflection was a great help for someone with an attention span as dreadfully short as mine.

Even though the book was aimed at what is referred to in the book as “heterosexual men with a masculine core” the books concepts are laid out in such a way that almost anyone of any sex, gender and sexual orientation can learn quite a lot from it. I think it’s a definite must read and it gets an easy 8/10.

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  • January 16, 2018 at 8:59 am

    We should discuss this book. I would appreciate your thoughts.

    • January 16, 2018 at 11:49 am

      Aweh! Anytime, bruv.


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