To Blog or Not to Blog

I’m usually neither good nor fond of expressing the fruits of my introspective thoughts unless I’ve really taken the time to adequately think them through. This week however, has been such a circus that not sharing it with someone almost seems like a waste- besides, blogging’s a great way to catch fish when one is looking to get into freelance writing (which I’m currently trying to do) [cue evil laugh].

Ever since I joined a company called CSP (Current State of Poetry) in March I found that my writing improved a lot but my mind seems to be returning to its former self…and then some. For years after finishing my degree in musical theater, I found that I could no longer write creatively without running into a wall of fear and anxiety. This lasted for three odd years and then I started blogging last year. It was all an experiment in the beginning, but after a few reviews on this blog I found that the creative flood gates were open once again. The blogging led to poetry and the poetry led a glorious return to the Word n Sound Poetry League stage and, in the same day, instigated my journey to joining the CSP family which eventually led to my coming second in my first elimination poetry slam.

Losing the slam last week Saturday to have several audience members coming up to me afterwards telling me they felt I was robbed was not only aloe Vera to my wounded ego, but it also taught me a valuable lesson; people really seem to enjoy my writing and performing. This was a sobering reminder that my talents are not about me. There are people out there who either need or want to hear my work and, as an artist, I have a duty to try and meet the demand as best as I can. If the only chance I’ll ever have to make the world a slightly better place is in my writing, then I choose to carry that burden and write as long as I deem it necessary and/or fruitful. I’ve become seriously grateful for every opportunity to share my work with people in various forms and I look forward to seeing where this journey leads me.

As I write this I prepare to sleep so I can face the Herculean task that will be waking up for the great trek that’ll lead me to my second ever CrossFit class at the gym. Yeah, I joined a gym. I’m still finding my rhythm and taking a bunch of classes to see what fits (including yoga, fam), but that’s a story for another post.  Salute until then, happy people.

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