In The Lab, Eternally Curious

So… I returned to cross-fit. I didn’t think I’d actually go back, but I’ve been back twice this week. It’s actually kinda fun. Besides, it’s hella good cardio and I’m all about that life. It’s also a pretty great warm up for the yoga class that follows.

I’m no health and/or fitness junkie. I’ve just heard a lot of people going on about the benefits of cardio oriented¬†exercise on the brain (I may put a few links below – if I’m feeling up to it by the end of this post). I’m currently messing with my brain and body chemistry cause I want to see if I can actually make myself smarter, even if it’s artificially. I’m curious about the overall outcome having certain habits will have on my me in the short to mid term. Basically, I’m trying to see if I can

replicate what that dude did in the movie “Limitless” with his little transparent pills.

So far the experiment is moving incredibly slow. Between my general desire to eat crap while binging anime all day and not having the money to attend all the classes I want right now, I find myself getting demotivated pretty often. Even the rush of seeing results is seldom ever enough to make me want to keep at any habit unless it has interesting and/or useful short to mid term results. Health for the sake of health is a boring idea. I’d much rather die happy than healthy.

However, all this research, trial and error Has given me some insight into myself that I hadn’t considered though. I’m not passionate about anything; I’m not particularly hard working (laziness seems to run in the family); but I do have one quality that I’m steadily finding to be an uncultivated strength, I’m eternally curious. That seems to be the one quality I have, outside of my quasi-competitive nature, that drives me to push for things that exist outside my bedroom. I have the same kind of curiosity that seems to drive highly innovative and inventive thinking in great minds gone by. I’m not sure exactly what this means for me, but it seems to shed some light on how I can make this life thing a bit more interesting…well, at least interesting enough to make me wanna leave my house.

I don’t think I have the attention span to live my life as a performer, even though I completed my degree in musical theater as a performance major. Even while studying one of the funnest courses possible, I found the only subject I seriously excelled in was history. I’m curious, creative and kinda competitive. I’m still not completely sure how to go¬†about forging these qualities into a realistic career for my personality type considering my intense desire to do lounge about and do nothing. But I’m pretty sure my curiosity will lead me somewhere interesting as always. Until such a time comes, the experimentation continues. I’ll keep you posted o my progress. Salute, happy people.



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