About Me

The name on my birth certificate is Olerato Molefe. I’ve been called Ole since the 5th grade. I’m and entertainer and storyteller, which means I not only sing, act, and dance, but I also choreograph, write, direct and generally just enjoy creating all kinds content. I’m pretty good at it too. I’m born and raised in South Africa and struggle to grasp the idea of humility. I’m the legend in the making, Africa’s next greatest export.

I WORSHIP¬†human potential. I love people (fictional or not) like Leonardo da Vinci, Bruce Lee, Albert Einstein and Sherlock Holmes – characters who make me feel like hard work and obsession beat out natural talent pretty much any day of the week. I’m probably not a genius. In fact, I rate my IQ is likely to be only slightly¬†above average. In spite of this I aim to beat myself bloody in order to mold myself into one who breathes the rarefied air that only geniuses know. If I’m burned by the sun, at least I’ll go down swinging and probably have fun doing it.

You’ll probably learn a lot more about me and my history in my blog posts, so I won’t prattle on about all that anymore than I feel necessary.